Third Trimester Food Diary Friday #5

Food Diary Friday #5

9:00am- Breakfast
Bowl of Fruit 'n' Fibre
Coffee with milk

11am- Snack
Prenatal Vitamin 
Raspberry Leaf Tea

1:30pm- Lunch
Boots Kimchi and Edamame Salad with Brown Rice
Savse's Super Orange Smoothie

2:30pm- Snack
Cocoa Delight Nakd Bar

6:30pm- Dinner
Hot Smoked Salmon, Guacamole and Boiled Egg on Wholegrain Toasts with Salad and Sour Cream
Raspberry Leaf Tea


Not much to report on the food front this week. I've been eating healthier and feeling much better for it so that is probably why I don't have much to whinge about for a change! I've managed to completely steer clear of sweet treats and trash this week, with the exception of a slice of birthday cake (or two) as it was my thirtieth this week ;). 

As you can see from the picture above, my day time eating is one of the healthiest parts of my diet. To prevent heartburn and indigestion this week however I have swapped a normal sized dinner plate for one slightly smaller. I've always been guilty of going a little wild on portion sizes at tea time and I think this has definitely been adding to my difficulties with acid reflux etc I had been experiencing. There just isn't the space to cram in a massive meal any more and to be honest, I feel like my metabolism is a lot slower now than it was in my second and first trimesters, so there just isn't the need for a really big meal.

Coffee has hit the can pretty much this week for the first time my entire pregnancy. It makes me feel sick! Only took 35 weeks but hey... I've taken to swapping it for herbal teas. I still need a bit of caffiene in my life so I've been opting for Chai and Green teas but have also recently discovered Raspberry Leaf Tea after talking to Ed's stepsister about it. I've written a post that will be up on Sunday about Raspberry Leaf Tea, so check back in if your interested in finding out about some of the suggested health benefits associated with it.



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