Pregnancy Update ~ 35 Weeks

Oh. My. God. 35 WeeksIs it totally alarming to confess at this point that I've NEVER changed a nappy in my life..?

Pregnancy Update ~ 35 Weeks

How Far Along? 35 Weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yes. This week I have expanded and normal sized clothes don't fit anymore. I was kindly given some maternity clothes this week though so I've been making use of them, along with nicking Ed's t-shirts of course...

Stretch Marks? None so far...will I get away with it??

Sleep? Still interrupted but honestly it's mostly the cat who won't piss off from outside our bedroom door meowing at 4am every morning literally out of spite. I get up, he doesn't want anything, ever, just to get you out of bed. 

Best Moment this Week? I feel organised this week. I've started to tare through washing the baby clothes and getting them put away, along with the kind help of Ed's mum, so that's a relief.

Miss Anything? Vain, but being a regular shaped human being would be nice to experience again some day.

Gender? Boy.

Movement? Yes, plenty of movement this week. It's actually started to feel like a real human is in there, like with individual limbs and things.  

Food Cravings? None this week although I've gone off coffee finally.

Anything Causing Queasiness/Sickness? Though I still have a cup in the morning, coffee has started to make me feel really ill if I have too much so I've been experimenting with herbal teas a little more as you'll have seen in my most recent Food Diary post.

Labour Signs? Same as last week really. I think I've been experiencing what is known as lightening as the baby starts to move downwards and get ready for birth. Still need to ask about this though which I will do this week at my 36 week midwife appointment.

Symptoms? No new symptoms to report this week. Heart burn and indigestion are better this week as I've been more concious to eat body friendly foods over trash.

Happy or Angry? Happy and terrified. Am I really actually going to have a baby soon. Shit.

Looking forward to? Finishing university and starting maternity leave. It doesn't start till the 11th June :( I picked this date so I could have more time after but I'm due on the 25th, so I feel this may have been an error. Majorly tired, though probably would only be bored if I left earlier!



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