Pregnancy Update ~ 36 Weeks

Pregnancy Update ~ 36 Weeks

How Far Along? 36 Weeks

Maternity Clothes? My wardrobe is literally maternity leggings and about 5 vests that still fit me. I have saved a fortune on clothes this year by simply not bothering to buy any! Well, hardly any. I'm reformed.

Stretch Marks? None so far :)

Sleep? Horrific, like I'm literally dying. Last night I managed to dream though which I think means that I might have slept properly for once. That said I ended up dreaming that I gave birth to a kitten rather than a kid so it wasn't like it was that much of a relaxing an experience. It was a totally scabby cat as well. I Googled it. Apparently I'm not alone...

Best Moment this Week? Probably putting up the pictures and making the bed up in the cot so it looks a little less like a dumping site for un-ironed clothes and more like it belongs to a child. I know you can't have bumpers and duvets and toys in the cot when they're sleeping in there, but he won't be for a while so I made it up for the crack. I like it, I think it looks cool. 

Miss Anything? Just sleep, really just sleep.

Gender? He's a boy. Well I really hope so at this point.

Movement? Yes, scary movement, in the pelvis, like head on pelvic bone...

Food Cravings? Pitta Bread and Peanut Butter.

Anything Causing Queasiness/Sickness? No new ones this week :)

Labour Signs? Braxton Hicks, I think. If it feels like a weird tightening that kind of takes your breath away, if it's not that enjoyable but it goes away then yeah I've had these now!

Symptoms? If you saw my most recent Food Diary Post you'll see that the baby has engaged and 'dropped' so heartburn has eased and I'm a little more able to eat which is great. 

Happy or Angry? Anxious. I've packed my hospital bag and the baby's and I'm watching videos about labour...

Looking forward to? Same as last week man, really roll on the 11th now as I can't handle still being at university!! One final deadline to go!



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