Third Trimester Food Diary Friday #2

Food Diary Friday #2

32 weeks~ Original Weight 54.25kg ~ Current Weight 58.6kg

9:30am En-Route to Uni
Skinny Caramel Latte

10:00am- Breakfast
Bowl of Fruit 'n' Fibre
Coffee with Milk
Prenatal Vitamin

11:00am- Snack
Decaf Coffee with Milk

12:00pm- Snack
Petit Filous Little Pot Fromage Frais

3:30pm- Snack
Nakd Bar- Strawberry thing that's ever happened to me
Yu Fruit Mango Pieces 

7:00pm- Dinner
Jalapeno Beef Burger with Cheese, Gherkins, Homemade Sweet Potato Chips and a Carrot, Beetroot and Spinach Salad
1 Onion Ring
Glass of Ginger Beer

8:00pm Heartburn Remedy
Glass of Ginger Beer


I have found the cure to heartburn. Well, to my heartburn, but who knows, maybe it could work for you too. Morrisons No Added Sugar Ginger Beer.
This has helped me so much this week. I haven't experienced half the problems I did last week and my appetite's returned. As it's no added sugar it also means that whilst it's not the healthiest thing in the world at least it's not completely rammed with empty calories so I'm chuffed with this discovery. It's so much better than the diluted milk I tried last week :S

I still can't do really large meals, so again like last week 3 sets of small snacks instead of a lunch is working well for me at the moment. I try to add in as much nutritional value to my meals as possible, so rather than go for sweets and biscuits when I fancy them I'll have something like a Nakd bar or dried fruit. Doesn't always work and yep, I've still got an obsession with Soleros (though not on this day).



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