Pregnancy Update ~ 34 Weeks

Apologies! I'm late with this post because yesterday I spent the entire day sorting the baby's room out and though I managed to take a few pics, I literally had no time to sit and write anything. Better late though.

Pregnancy Update ~ 34 Weeks

How Far Along? 34 Weeks

Maternity Clothes? No new maternity clothes this week, making do with anything I already have with an empire line and maternity leggings. I quite like getting creative with the things I already own to be honest rather than buying things I wouldn't be able to make use of post pregnancy. I know I'm pretty likely to get bigger yet however so watch this space. These are the black dungarees I talked about in my 33 week update. Got a bit of a shock this week when I had to extend the straps to maximum capacity... 

Stretch Marks? Still none. Still moisturizing mainly with the Argan Oil I wrote about in this post and hoping for the best.

Sleep? Horrific this week although after all the work my family, Ed and I did yesterday (even though they did all the lifting) I slept relatively well last night and for longer than 5 hours for the first time in ages. Still not interrupted but you can't have everything.

Best Moment this Week? Getting the room sorted. The baby is going to share our bedroom for the first 6 months as it's really big and Ed uses our second bedroom as a music room (he's a piano player). I took some pics yesterday so once I've finished getting it ready I'll upload a post with before and after pics of the room :) 

Arnie got pretty tripped out by all the upheaval yesterday. Poor thing. Look at his face. He's so unimpressed. Hopefully he'll manage alright when his new pal arrives.

Miss Anything? Eating food without fear of heartburn and a sleepless night.

Gender? Hes a boy.

Movement? Yep. We've taken to playing him different kinds of music to see if we can get him to react to particular songs. Steered clear of the gabba. He's more into the classical stuff Ed plays for him.

Food Cravings? None this week as heartburn and indigestion have really made eating anything at all traumatic, especially acidic things. Goodbye gherkins :(

Anything Causing Queasiness/Sickness? If you saw my most recent Food Diary post you'll know that heartburn and acid indigestion have plagued me this week. I hate it. Why do pregnant women get this? Seriously. In answer to the question therefore really all food has caused me to feel pretty ill. Sad times.

Labour Signs? No labour signs as such but definitely some new niggles that I don't think I've experienced before. I feel like he's a lot lower than he was last week and so some of the movements are as though he's engaging. He's lying head down right now and so I think these feelings could be what is known as lightening. From what I've read on line about this though I don't know that I would be experiencing so much heartburn if the baby had lowered in the way women describe. I'll ask my midwife when I'm next in and update.

Symptoms? See above. On the hyper-pigmentation front I'm still persevering with the tumeric facemask and searching for other remedies. The Body Shop do a vitamin C range that is known to be good for tackling dark spots so I might give a couple of things a try from there this week.

Happy or Angry? Happy. The room's coming together and I've almost finished packing my hospital bag. Feels surreal to actually write that down... 

Looking forward to? Washing all of the clothes we've acquired so far and putting everything away in some kind of order (this kid is seriously decked out already).



  1. Heartburn is the worst, even when you're not pregnant! X

    Glam night look over at-

  2. It's so horrible! Let me know if you have any good remedies...I can't take it anymore! x


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