Third Trimester Food Diary Friday #3

Food Diary Friday #3

8:30am- Breakfast
2 Buttered Teacakes
Coffee with milk
Fresh Orange Juice
Prenatal Vitamin

10:00am Snack

12:00pm Snack
Strawberry Ice Cream Milkshake

3:00pm- Snack
Pickled Ghurkins, Beetroot and Mixed Pepper sticks with Hummus
Mango and Lime Ribena

6:00pm- Dinner
Homemade Chicken Tikka with Wholemeal Pitta and Tumeric Rice
Ginger Beer

7:00pm- Snack  
Lemon Cake


Today I was assisting on a sociology field trip to the coast with some of my colleagues from university. This meant having a compulsory seaside treat. Obviously. I didn't fancy fish 'n' chips as I attempted them last weekend with little success (I ate them- my body hated me). I opted instead for a proper ice cream milkshake. Amazing. For anyone who lives up north or fancies heading to the coast for the day, go to Beaches and Cream in Cullercoats. I'd never been before, but for a proper seaside sundae it's well decent.

In general this week I've had no real food or appetite based issues to report. The ginger beer trick I mentioned last week is still helping to prevent heartburn for me and likewise for the smaller snacks I have throughout the day. Not having a proper 'lunch' just a series of bits is much better for keeping my energy levels up without overloading the system. One thing I will say about this week though is that I've not been eating as nutritionally as I have in the past. That's something I'm going to address and work towards changing slightly this week. 

As we know, during the third trimester women need roughly around 200 extra calories per day . This is only really the equivalent of one or two pieces of toast with butter. This week I've been busy so I've tended to reach for more sugary treats and snacks to stave off the hunger pangs associated with this later stage of pregnancy, rather than something actually nutritious or good for me. Don't get me wrong, I think it's fine to have a sugar fix now and then, especially whilst pregnant, but too much or too often leaves me feeling like I lack motivation and energy. When you're tired all the time already, this is no good for anyone.

Watch this space for some healthy pregnancy smoothies and snack ideas this week. I feel I need a reminder of better alternatives.

Now excuse we whilst I go and bury my face in some spinach or something.



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