Newborn Haul ~ TKMaxx

TKMaxx ~ If you can be bothered to go in and dig about there are so many gems to be found for babies in this place. I love it for home-ware in general, for clothes, it can be a bit hit and miss but not the kid's bit. The kid's bit is amazing.
From clothes to nursery decor, here's what I've managed to find over the course of about three or four trips :)

If you visit a TKMaxx sooner rather than later, I'd say you'd be able to still find these retro Disney art canvases. They're only £7.99 and not limited to Mickey Mouse. There's Goofy, Donald Duck, all sorts. I love the nostalgia that comes with the older Disney illustrations so if you're into the same thing, see if you can get your hands on these.

Again, these Jones clocks are around in abundance at the moment and they come in different colours and styles. This one was £14.99 and it's ideal for a nursery.

TKMaxx is also great for swaddles and pram blankets. Of all the places you might think to buy these things from, I'd choose these over anywhere else as the designs and quality for the price point are really good. A special nod has to go to these extra large Muslin Swaddles. They're 40 x 40 inches and for only £9.99 for three they match those of Aden and Anais for a fraction of the cost.
The clothes, the clothes! I'm not going to list the prices to these because as we all know, the chances of finding these exact things in another TKMaxx isn't likely. The most expensive item was the Green Whale tracksuit above and it was only £7.99. Everything else was between £3 and £6 and the quality is great. 

I love these finds so much. Seriously, go to TKMaxx and have a dig about if you're expecting a new baby, have kids already or just need a present for some child related reason!



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