Pregnancy Update~ 33 Weeks

Pregnancy Update ~ 33 Weeks

How Far Along? 33 Weeks

Maternity Clothes? Still just the MAMA leggings from H&M I talked about last week, stretchy vests and cardigans. At about 24 weeks I also bought these black dungarees which aren't maternity but they still fit me. I've loved wearing these throughout my pregnancy as the bib really is like a sling for your belly which I'm not gonna lie I quite enjoy the look/feel of. I also love these Vertbaudet ones which are maternity but with 7 weeks left I'm not sure I'll bother. 

Stretch Marks? No. Still keeping on top of moisturising with the oils I wrote about in this post and crossing my fingers. I've heard that you can get them after the baby comes if not before??

Sleep? My sleep is always interrupted. I can;t imagine a night where I sleep for 8 hours, let alone 8 hours straight!

Best Moment this Week? Working out how to use the electric sterilizer...

Miss Anything? Having non-hyperpigmented face skin. Also normal bras.

Gender? He's a Boy

Movement? Yes and hiccups for the first time. Weird since this is meant to be felt a lot earlier. He probably had them before, but I didn't notice. 

Food Cravings? No Soleros and no Caramel Lattes! Pickled Gherkins and Hummus instead. I'm a literal walking cliché. Me, my dungarees and my pickled gherkin...

Anything Causing Queasiness/Sickness? Fish 'n' Chips. I went to Eyemouth last weekend, ate the standard beach side chippy and literally hated my life for the rest of the evening. That kind of food is way to hard core to digest at 33 weeks.

Labour Signs? No, although the thought that this question is going to get more and more relevant is becoming increasingly terrifying. 

Symptoms? I still have hyper-pigmentation and it's not that much fun. I use so much concealer now it's insane. I might look into some remedies for trying to help combat this but I have a feeling it will be with me until after my body calms down. Other symptoms include lower back pain and some period like cramping, all of which I'm told are normal and most likely due to the pressure on my ligaments from the baby growing. Oh and my hair is growing like mad. Not complaining about that symptom though :)

Inny or Outy? Freaks, whoever asked this originally, just freaks. I might change this to 'Weight Gain?' from next week.

Happy or Angry? Major mood swings this week. Like I'm talking emotional roller coaster, so both, and many others in between. Poor Ed.

Looking forward to? Getting the baby's things organised and putting the cot up, mainly for aesthetic reasons as the critter has a Moses basket to kick things off with.



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