Stage 1 Weaning Equipment for Babies 4-6 Months

Here's a list of all the equipment we've been using to wean our baby between the ages of 4-6 months (stage 1).

1. High Chair

We started to wean Harry onto solid food from about 20 weeks. At the time he couldn't really sit up properly and had to eat either in his Bumbo, which he hates, or whilst sitting on someone's knee, which is really messy. 

A lot of high chairs on the market tend to have very large seating spaces that require the baby to wear shoulder straps to keep them in an upright position. Because of the wide design of high chairs like this iSafe one I nearly bought, you can find that the baby slumps to one side if they're not that strong at sitting yet. That's why I love the ANTILOP High Chair we bought from Ikea

Purchased with the washable PYTTIG insert for a total cost of £19 I wholeheartedly recommend this high chair for weaning babies between the ages of 4-6 months. It's just the perfect size and allows Harry to sit really well from the very start.

2. Bowls

Bright, durable, dishwasher and microwave safe, I bought this pack of 6 KALAS bowls for 90p from Ikea. I mean for 90p I figured I couldn't go wrong. 

3. Spoons

I got two of these 4 packs of Stage 1 Weaning Spoons from Boots for £1.99. They're quite narrow and not too deep which is good for when babies first start trying new foods.

4. Blender

I didn't have a stand alone blender before weaning. I only had a hand blender which is very old and forever getting clogged up. As I had some Sainsburys vouchers to spend I decided to buy this Kenwood Mini Chopper. It's a dream for making perfectly portioned purées. Shit for bulk preparing though because it's too small so bare that in mind if you like to make a lot and freeze down. 

5. Food Storage 

Now and again I like to buy Harry these Hipp Organic Baby Food Jars. In the beginning he absolutely loved the Banana and Peach and Blueberry and Apple desert pots so we stocked up on them. I kept the jars, washed them out, removed the labels and now reuse them for my own home made baby meals. They come in all different sizes and if you're buying the odd pot of pre-made food anyway it makes financial sense to keep them and save buying any other food storage container. Winner.

6. Bibs

Because Harry hadn't started finger food before 6 months, we got away with using these Tommee Tippee Milk Feeding Soft Bibs for feeding times. We got given so many bibs when I was pregnant I just started to blast through them to be honest but they get pretty stained. I think I'm going to upgrade to a wipe clean version very soon. 

7. Weaning Cup

We offered Harry water with his food from the outset and began with this easy grip, free flow First Weaning Cup from Tommee Tippee which he is still using at the moment. As a baby who regularly refuses to take a bottle I was worried he wouldn't transition to a cup at meal times well but he has. I think it's the free flow element to these that differentiates it from a bottle which he has to suck so these are great for that in our experience.

8. Weaning Book

My mum found an Annabel Karmel Weaning book in a charity shop and bought me it for Christmas. It's full of useful advice for every stage of weaning, along with easy recipes to follow. Any weaning book would do though and there are loads to choose from



  1. My baby likes gerber so much, she knows the difference already when I'm trying to give cereal or her favorite baby food. I wrote down some tips on When do I start weaning my baby? to compliment your list. :)


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