Current Favourite Family Vloggers on YouTube

I love YouTube. It's amazing. There's a video for literally everything. During my pregnancy I got pretty into watching other people's pregnancy update videos. I found watching them a great way to compare symptoms with other women and look ahead to what I might be feeling like in the weeks to come. In fact, it was precisely this kind of viewing trail I was on when a video by Hannah Maggs popped up in my side bar. I have never looked back. 

By far and away my absolute favourite YouTube Family Vloggers are the Michalaks. They upload their weekly vlogs every Sunday and I promise you their videos will be one of the best things you'll have watched in a long time. Between Stef's gravelly dry wit, Hannah's astounding ability to juggle work/family/life and Gracey's total cuteness you've got everything you could really ask for in a 30 minute YouTube video. I'm actually making them sound shit. You'll have to trust me and immediately subscribe to their channel and watch all of their videos. You honestly won't regret it. Here's a link to their most recent vlog.

Okay. My next favourite YouTube Mum Vlogger is Bri of Ohgeeitsbri. I don't know if Bri was originally a 'mum vlogger' per se but her channel has migrated to that of more family and parenting content since she had her son Vincent. She's down to earth, has I guess what some people might describe as an alternative approach to family life (she swapped her settees for mattresses) and most importantly for me she's honest. I watched this video entitled 'a big regret' and subscribed immediately. Bri has lots of really useful advice videos and so her channel is one I tend to gravitate to first when looking for ways other mums have tackled certain baby and family related things like weaning and co-sleeping for example. See what you think. A link to her channel is here.  

Next is Dolly Bow Bow aka Kate Murnane. I started watching Kate's channel for beauty and fashion advice pre-pregnancy, but when she revealed she was pregnant the same year I was hers was one of the channels I tuned into for pregnancy updates and I've followed her ever since. Although she has a Baby Bow Bow playlist for videos about her pregnancy and her son Archie, her and her partner also make regular family vlogs which I love watching. They're a really normal U.K family and don't pretend to be anything else. Which I love. Channel link is here if you fancy checking them out.

If you have any favourite Family and Parent Vloggers you can suggest for me to check out let me know :)



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