Harry's 6 Month Baby Update

He's Half a Year Old Already?! What the HELL.It's Harry's 6 Month Baby Update.

Weight? He's getting properly weighed again next week so for now our non-professional bathroom scales total weight minus person holding baby's weight equals to 18lb. That's only 1lb more than last time I posted an update so not too sure about how accurate this figure is. Harry is still in size 4 nappies and seems to have stretched length ways by all accounts so he does look a little leaner right enough. Hopefully we're all good though. 

Feeding? Harry is all about the solid food now. He has three meals a day, often with a fruit based pudding after lunch and a snack between lunch and tea. I've been making my own savoury and sweet baby purées but now we're starting to move onto finger foods and foods with a range of textures which is so cool and totally exciting to see how he reacts to different things. Current hits are cottage cheese, Greek yoghurt and pulled pork...watch this space for more baby food recipes and ideas.

Baby groups? Meh...Anyone else?

Sleeping through the night? Lol. Lol. Lol. Last month I casually boasted about how Harry sleeps through the night 90% of the time. Since Christmas all that good stuff has been well and truly shot to shit. We spent a couple of nights in a row staying away from home for Christmas and Boxing Day and since then he's never slept through. He's awake right now. I think part of it is teething as I've seen others suggest this but I've never done this before so I don't really know what could be triggering bad sleep. Could it also be what I'm feeding him? Either way I feel absolutely demented.

Clothing Size? He's almost completely into 6-9 month clothes with some 9-12 fitting just like last month. Looking ahead I'm mainly looking out for bits and pieces that are 12 months+. 

New Abilities/Developments? We have a sitter! This last month I noticed Harry was getting really frustrated with himself, presumably because he wanted to be more independent but still doesn't have full control over his body. He can't roll on his own yet so I guess he thought that sitting was the next best thing. I make a 360 degree crash pad out of our sofa cushions so he can have plenty of practice. He falls sometimes, but definitely getting better and finds playing with his toys more enjoyable now he's on the vertical. 

Another new development is eating related. Since introducing some finger food's to Harry I've noticed his grasping has improved. His hand, eye coordination is a lot better than last month and I think I can see him starting to develop a pincer motion though it's still very fumbley and heavy. 

Nicknames? My favourite is Bruge as derivative of others from previous weeks. Ed has taken to pluralising and calls him Babys and Harrys...

My Recovery
Postpartum hair loss has finally, finally slowed right down. The damage is fierce, but now only a normal amount of hair falls out of my head. I have to say as someone who's hair was previously a much loved, healthy feature of myself, it has been hard watching it deteriorate and get to the condition it is now in. I'm thinking of writing a more detailed post on my experience of post-partum hair loss however, so watch this space for that if you'd like to know more.

See you next month for more updates! Thanks for reading :)




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