Third Trimester Food Diary Friday #8

Food Diary Friday #8

10:00am- Breakfast
Small Bowl of Fruit 'n' Fibre
Coffee with milk
Prenatal Vitamin 
Cordial and Water

1:30pm - Lunch
Falafel and Haloumi Burger with Cucumber and Mint Dressing @ The Tyne Bar Newcastle
Ginger Beer with Ice and Lime

5:00pm- Drinks and Snacks in the Park
3x Becks Blue Shandy's with Diet Lemonade
Salted Nachos and Sour Cream 

8:30pm- Dinner
Mixed Vegetable and Chicken Fajita Pizza with Salad and Dips
Diet Lemonade
Green Tea

9:30pm- Snack
Options Mint Hot Chocolate


Today has been a social day. Not only that, it's also been a proper summer's day. This means only one thing. Eat what you like. Go wild. 

Yesterday I officially started my maternity leave from my PhD (finally) so Ed and I headed out for lunch with a couple of my close pals from uni as a kind of send off. We went to the Tyne Bar in the Ouseburn to make the most of the sunshine and the (ginger) beer. The food there is really nice and won't break the bank so if your in toon and you haven't tried The Tyne for food you totally should. 

Following lunch we met up with one of Ed's friends in the park next to our house to chill out in the sun. Since I found out I was pregnant I haven't had so much as a sniff of alcohol and to be totally honest I find most of the non alcoholic beer options out there are dire so haven't really bothered even with these. The taste for me is just horrible. Mixed with lemonade however to make shandy, Becks Blue is pretty decent. I've been really happy just to opt for a Diet Coke or Ginger Beer in pubs or bars whilst pregnant, but there's something about sitting in a park on a sunny day with other people drinking beer that requires at least the faux taste of hops. This sufficed. 

PM we watched a film and ate pizza in our recliners like slobs. 

Not a healthy day but I'm 38 weeks pregnant and it's my first day of maternity leave. Tomorrow I'll make a smoothie and eat a pile of vegetables to off set the impending regret of this probably not that digestible selection of utter junk/beauty.



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