Pregnancy Update ~ 39 Weeks

Pregnancy Update ~ 39 Weeks

How Far Along? 39 Weeks and due on Thursday

Maternity Clothes? Consisting of anything baggy and the same old maternity leggings. Saved a literal fortune by being pregnant and broken my addiction to buying clothes though.

Stretch Marks? So far so good but I have to say it is at this point that the stretch is really on. I didn't think I could expand that much more but the body can, does and has. I've been using the coconut oil I talked about here to relieve the itchiness and hopefully it will help get me to the end with minimal damage. Watch this space.

Sleep? A bit broken this week from the general discomforts of being so huge. Been dreaming quite a lot more though nothing too alarming to report. Just birth dreams, and no kittens this time :S

Best Moment this Week? Best moment this week was Friday when I stayed in bed all day and watched films. I was racked with guilt at the time but the next day I got up and cleaned every cupboard in my kitchen. Pregnancy turns you into a complete freak. These are the things that excite you.

Miss Anything? I miss the feeling of existing in a body that does not hurt in some way or other. 

Gender? Boy

Movement? Yeah, surprisingly given that there can't be much space left in there now. There's the odd foot or fist protruding here and there. He's most active at night or when Ed plays piano music to him. Apparently he likes Debussy and Ravel. Whoever they are.

Food Cravings? No cravings to report, just the serious desire to get healthy and feel like a normal person again!

Anything Causing Queasiness/Sickness? Every morning I wake up with nausea just like I had in my first trimester. It's kind of like morning sickness without the sickness and it goes away when I eat breakfast. It also sometimes comes back at night before I go to sleep and I seriously don't know what it is. I've read that nausea is an early labour sign, but I'm not too sure if it's that or my body just telling me to eat things in preparation for the energy I'll need to give birth. Primitive.

Labour Signs? So back ache like period cramping and lightening are the things I mostly have been experiencing. A little Braxton Hicks here and there but nothing major.

Symptoms? Nausea, lower back pain and lightening as mentioned. Still can't imagine what a contraction feels like. I'm really mentally well prepared...

Happy or Angry? Happy with a good dose of anxiety thrown in there now.

Looking forward to? Really I don't know. I'm looking forward to Ed and I becoming parents but at the same time have the fear about absolute tools becoming parents. Who has permitted this.



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