Pregnancy Update ~ 37 Weeks

Pregnancy Update ~ 37 Weeks

How Far Along? 37 Weeks ~ Cooked!

Maternity Clothes? Yes, and other baggy attire. Burn all the empire lines, there is no way I'm touching them after this.

Stretch Marks? None so far, I really don't know what my stomach will look like after, it scares me, but if I get away with the stretch mark thing that would be nice.

Sleep?Good, because this week I gave up trying to do everything like I wasn't 9 months pregnant and actually slowed down. I figured that life is too short to be stressing your brains out at 37 weeks. I'm sleeping for 7 to 8 hours a night now and it feels like pure luxury. Best make the most of it while I still can.

Best Moment this Week? Unboxing the pram and building it with Ed. It was an experience I never really thought about having in life, but it was cool. See our pics and post on it here.

Miss Anything? Right, I'm sorry, but I miss being a normal shape. I miss being able to bend past my own uterus and putting my shoes on without asking for help. 

Gender? He's a boy, a pretty long one as well.

Movement? Still with the grinding sensation in the pelvis which is totally terrifying.

Food Cravings? BREAD, and all the carbs. I wrote about the carb hunger here ;)

Anything Causing Queasiness/Sickness? Nothing this week. I can eat like a normal person.  

Labour Signs? Just the pelvic thing, I don't know that it's a labour sign but it's definitely a final few weeks sign. Also colostrum. That's all.

Symptoms? Total exhaustion, but better after giving in to sleep. 

Happy or Angry? Pretty happy, pretty scared. 

Looking forward to? Kind of looking forward to having the baby, or, like, the bit after the having. 



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