Pregnancy Update ~ 38 Weeks

Pregnancy Update ~ 38 Week

How Far Along? 38 Weeks ~ Only 10 days till my due date... AS IF.

Maternity Clothes? So sick of wearing leggings everyday, really can't imagine having denim as a lower body option.

Stretch Marks? I still don't have any stretch marks but these last few weeks I've no doubt could be the most high risk. Seriously I feel like I'm at capacity already, I really can't imagine expanding any more.

Sleep? Is kind of okay. Because the baby is so low the only thing that interrupts my sleep are his movements which I obviously don't mind. He's majorly active at night. Like from 8pm til 2am. Animal.

Best Moment this Week? Finishing uni and finally starting my maternity leave although I'm still to shift the not doing any work guilt...can't quite let go...

Miss Anything? Not having to be within 5 minutes of a toilet. Bladder compression is really not a liberating feeling.

Gender? Boy

Movement? So much movement at night, and really low. So low it makes me think about birth. The actual reality of birth...

Food Cravings? There's not been anything I've specifically been eating this week.

Anything Causing Queasiness/Sickness? Spring onions and garlic bread though to be honest I don't think this is pregnancy related as these things used to spark a bit of nausea with me from time to time if I ate too much of them.   

Labour Signs? Yep, pelvic grinding has been felt in the cervical region this week. Like that is where he is and I am concious of this. Absolutely terrifying.

Symptoms? Skin tightness over the bump this week with some ichiness (on high stretch mark alert) and I think this really is just to be expected in these last few weeks as the baby puts on weight. Wee beast. Also boob tenderness. Oh my god the reality of it all...

Happy or Angry? Happy, excited and of course terrified. Telling myself the cave women did it, animals do it everyday, hens lay eggs like all the time and that can't be comfortable either but they just do it. Yeah I've totally got this.

Looking forward to? Meeting the baby but also oh my god I have to act as his passage into the world first and shit what's that going to be like?!?!?! It's going to be okay. It's all going to be fine. Yeah, it definitely is. Right?



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