What's Really in My Changing Bag

There are LOADS of 'What's in My Changing Bag' blog posts and YouTube videos out there. I don't know what it is about them,  we all just seem to love having a peek at what other parents take out and about with them. 

Of course I had to make my own. 

WARNING: Mine is a REAL LIFE edition and comes with additional crumbs, filth and general oddities.

I use the Eastpak PCEE bag for my 7 month old and I manage to fit a LOT into it. I had originally planned on using the Eastpak Delegate bag I used as my baby's hospital bag (What's in my Baby's Hospital Bag' post here) but for me it's too big and it gets in the way. I use it as an overnight bag for Harry instead. 

For me there is just something about Eastpak bags. I find them very versatile and they look cool. The one I use as my changing bag is a laptop bag but I can fit everything I need into it.  They're not typically 'feminine' and the look and style of the brand suits urban and country living, which is great for us. Plus as its not a floral Cath Kidston number my partner can comfortably use it without feeling as though his masculinity is being called into question...

Anyway, ramble over. This is what is in it. 

I must say I was not aware I carried this many toys around with me. It's amazing what parenthood does to you isn't it? In another life I swear there would have been  an overabundance of lipsticks in my bag not finger puppets and other random oddities.

Rather than list what's in my bag, I made a video chatting about where I'd been and why certain things are in there. I'll insert it in here so you can take a look. 

PS. there was some other snacks in my bag  but Harry came in and finished them off before I got a chance to take the photo!



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