Stage 2 Weaning Equipment for Babies 7+ Months

I recently visited the Tommee Tippee Factory Shop in Cramlington and ended up buying pretty much all the equipment I'm now using with Harry throughout Stage 2 weaning. Having recently written a post about what we used during Stage 1 weaning that was quite well received, I figured I'd do an updated version for any one out there who might be transitioning at the same time as us.

I actually vlogged our visit to the factory shop and made a haul and try out video of the products I ended up buying for Harry. I'm only just trying my hand at filming and editing, but if anyone would like to have a look at those I'll add them into this post (scroll to bottom) or you could head over to my YouTube channel if you'd prefer. 

Until last year I had no idea that the Tommee Tippee Factory was located just outside Newcastle, or that if you went you would be able to pick up their products for a nicely discounted price. 

Though the factory shop was just small, I found everything I was looking for and more for stage 2 weaning on my visit. 

Here's everything I picked up and am now using with Harry as we transition into the messy world of finger food. 

1. Tommee Tippee Explora Sectioned Plate (2 Pack)

RRP: 4.99 (I paid £2.00) 
I picked these up with the idea that eventually I would like to teach Harry that food comes on plates, and is not just piled directly on the table in front of you for you to bash, throw, wear, maybe eat and/or rub into your hair. 

I haven't given him one to use himself yet because at 7 months Harry has no concept of plates, gravity and the boring consequences of having to clean up mess. But I like using them. If nothing else they've encouraged me to offer three different tastes/components for Harry each meal time which has to be more exciting for him.

2. Tommee Tippee Explora Weaning Spoons 7+Months (5 Pack)

RRP: 3.99 (I paid £2.50)

In my Stage 1 Weaning Equipment post I mentioned that I was using the weaning spoons from Boots which were ideal for small mouths and first purees. 

Lately I'd noticed I couldn't pack quite enough food onto the Boots spoons to keep up with Harry's appetite, so I new it was time for an upgrade. 

These Tommee Tippee spoons are much wider and deeper and much more appropriate for the kinds and quantities of foods we're now shifting so really pleased with these. They're also made of much more rigid material than the Boots ones making them less bendy and less porous than rubber so they don't discolour as badly.

3. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fun Style Soother (2 Pack)

RRP: 4.79 (I paid £3.00)
As I talked about in my video, I recently worked out that upgrading dummies to the appropriate age of your child is definitely something you want to do if you want to avoid them trying to eat the entire thing whole. I had previously used the MAM 0-6 Months Soothers with Harry and noticed last month that he was starting to be able to curl his lips right round them. In to the recycing bin they went.

I thought I'd give these ones a go as they're much bigger and I liked the design. Harry has taken these no bother at all which is great given that when he was little the only soother he would take was the MAM ones!

4. Tommee Tippee Food Pouch Spoons (2 Pack) 

RRP: 5.75 (I paid £1.00) 
I didn't know these existed until I saw them in the factory shop. Although definitely not an essential they were only £1 so I thought I'd give them a go. I'll be honest, I don't know how much they really help with things. It's not so much hassle to squeeze food out onto a regular spoon and at a normal retail price of £5.75 I have to say I wouldn't bother. For a quid they're fun but completely gimmicky. 

5. Tommee Tippee Baby's First Straw Cup

RRP: £5.24 (I paid £3.00)
Okay so I talked about this in more detail in my video, but basically I got this cup because I was trying to wean Harry from breast to bottle and it wasn't working. I thought if I could find something in between a bottle and a weaning cup (with the regular three hole spout which he also hated at the time) he might take milk in it. Literally the day after I bought this cup I found THE BOTTLE to wean Harry with and we've never looked back. 

I have started to use this cup at meal times with Harry anyway and he has got the hand of the straw really well. Still can't use the handles to direct it to his mouth that well but I'm sure eye-balling the straw will get old soon ;)

6. Tommee Tippee Training Straw Cup 

RRP: £4.95 (I paid £3.00).
I really liked the straw design of these cups (and the one above) because you can conceal the straw by simply pushing the spout cap back down. 

They seem quite hygienic in that way if you're cramming them in and out of changing bags. I got this larger version for when the other one is too little and Harry needs more liquids :) 

7. Tommee Tippee Roll and Go Bib

RRP: £3.50 (I paid £2.00).

As I mentioned in my Stage 1 Weaning Equipment post, I had been using cloth bibs with Harry as we'd been experimenting with purees and it wasn't that messy. OH. MY. GOD. How things change when they learn to spit, to grab the spoon off you and intermittently refuse to use cutlery all together. 

I needed something more robust and with a trough asap. This one is excellent I have to say. It catches a lot of the mess, saves on the laundry cost and the neck is comfortable for Harry to wear. Some plastic ones rub at the neck or come off but this one doesn't. I highly recommend this and it does roll up really well for when you're on the go.

That's everything we've been using with Harry throughout Stage 2 weaning.  Please head back soon for more weaning updates and meal ideas!

Factory Vlog:

Haul and Try Out:



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