Harry's 7 Month Baby Update

Weight? I took Harry to get weighed at baby clinic last week. He now weighs 19lb and is 72 cm long. I thought he'd gotten taller because he's a like a machine in his walker now whereas at Christmas he could barely reach the floor. It's so strange, all of a sudden he's more a toddler than a baby... 

Feeding? The BIG thing with feeding this month has been weaning Harry from breast to bottle. I don't know if I have ever talked about Harry's refusal to take a bottle on this blog, but I know I mentioned in his 3 Month update that I had given up expressing. I also talked briefly about this in my recent weaning video over on my YouTube channel but to cut a long story short I gave up expressing and giving Harry a bottle when he was 6 weeks old because I couldn't take the faff of manual expressing. 

When it came to trying to use a bottle again and wean Harry off me, he was NOT game. He'd refuse the bottle every time, scream, and protest until I fed him myself, which wouldn't take long, because I hate letting him cry. I won't go into too much detail here as I'll be writing a detailed post soon, but basically I have managed to successfully wean Harry from being 100% breast fed to 100% bottle fed in time for going back to university. Woop.

Baby groups? Whilst Mum's and Toddlers isn't particularly high on my personal agenda I am going to start going soon because I think Harry would really enjoy the interaction with other babies and children. I mean I might actually end up liking it myself but I'm not sure... 
We have been taking him swimming to one of the heated baby pools we have in our area quite regularly now though and he loves it. It's been great watching him grow in confidence, going from being really quite nervous to literally roaring with happiness :) 

Sleeping through the night? Christ, so last month was an awful month of sleep as you can read about in this post if you haven't already. This month we're back to mostly sleeping through the night for 11-12 hours. THANK GOD. I ended up taking advantage of the rough patch we experienced last month and developed a new bedtime routine with Harry that sees him in bed between 7pm and 7:30pm. This is much better as I literally live all non-parenting aspects of my life in the evenings. Anyone else?

Clothing Size? Harry's now well into 6-9 month clothes with some things getting a bit tight already. 9-12 fits him best but it seems like we're slowing down with the growth spurts a little so hopefully he'll stick at this size for a while. Size 5 nappies already though (we use Lidl Toujours). 

New Abilities/Developments? Last month Harry learned to sit up on his own and this month he has become much more sturdy on his own. Developments in the last 4 weeks have mainly been around eating and 'speaking'. 

Starting with eating, though he doesn't have any teeth yet, I've noticed Harry has started to bite off pieces of finger food to make eating more manageable for himself. His hand eye coordination has also really improved and he can now pick up smaller items and guide them into his mouth. Eating is still so so messy but it's great to see him develop a bit more control over the process!  

In terms of 'speaking' he has learned to say 'babababa' and 'mamamama'. Obviously he has no concept of what these sounds mean but being able to produce distinguishable vowels and consonants is an important part of their development.  

Nicknames? Like with previous weeks nicknames are getting pretty out of control up in here. Bubby Roo has drifted into Chubby Roo on account of his chubby red cheeks and Ed has taken to pluralising other names for him so he now gets Monsters, Tinkers and still Babys like last month. Anyone else call thier children anything but their names?

My Recovery
As you will have seen last month, my postpartum hair loss stopped recently and so this month I've been deep conditioning and air drying my hair as much as possible to help it to recover. Although it still feels very brittle and dry, it has started to grow at last so if anyone out there is suffering with the same symptoms it does get better!

I don't really know if this should come under 'My Recovery' or not, I'm thinking I might do a dedicated post because there's not much out there on this, but since stopping breastfeeding I have been experiencing a few strange symptoms including nausea, headaches, weight gain and waking during the night. 

Right when I thought I might be experiencing some kind of weird pseudo pregnancy, I found this article and realised that these symptoms are all actually side effects of stopping breastfeeding. Nobody really tells you about how you might feel when you stop, physically and emotionally so yeah,  I think I might write a post about my experience. Let me know if that might be of interest in the comments.   

See you next month for more updates.

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