Harry's 5 Best Baby Books

Though it may sometimes feel a little thankless, especially when they seem more interested in chewing/throwing/tearing the books you've carefully selected for them than actually listening to you, reading to your baby serves a vital role in their growth and development.

Not only does reading help build their vocabulary, it also stimulates their imagination and memory, encouraging your baby to listen and connect with a variety of words, pictures, sounds and stories.

I try to read with Harry as often as I can. Not just to help with his language development, sometimes just as a way to bond over a story and have a laugh together. 

I collect books mostly from charity shops. I gravitate towards classics, but also tend to pick them if the illustrations or stories grab my attention. 

I'm no expert on what makes a good baby book, but these are our 5 best baby books at present:

1. The Tiger Who Came to Tea By Judith Kerr

We have a big ginger cat called Arnie who Harry knows as 'Puss Cat'. He makes Harry laugh all the time and now if I say 'where's Puss Cat?' Harry giggles and looks over my shoulder for the cat. As the Tiger in this book is big and ginger just like Arnie, I feel Harry had a natural affinity towards it... 

As I read the story I ask 'where's Tiger?' and Harry laughs like he does when he looks for our cat. 

Because it makes him laugh, and because in 2 words it can be best described as quirky and charming, this book is currently our favourite.

2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar By Eric Carle

It's a classic. I had to get it. In fact it was one of the first things I bought for Harry whilst I was pregnant. 

Because I bought the board book version having Harry turn the pages is relatively low risk and I can confirm that the spine doubles up as a very durable teether...

The illustrations and layout of the book keeps Harry entertained, making it one I can easily read from start to finish without Harry getting bored or distracted.

3. Winnie the Pooh and Ten Busy Bees By A.A. Milne

Ultimately this is a book that helps teach the art of counting backwards as we follow Pooh and ten busy bees on their journey as they disappear one by one. 

Harry loves this book because they bees are plastic and stick out of each of the pages. He tries to pick them off as I read the text and so again this is a book that keeps him engaged from start to finish.

4. A New House for Mouse By Petr Horacek 

I found this picture book in my local Oxfam and bought it because the illustrations are bold, bright and engaging. The story follows Mouse who goes in search of a bigger home after finding a large red apple. 

It's a little longer than the other books, making it one I have to try harder to get Harry to stay focussed on or just read in two halves, but he likes the pictures and I like the story ;)

5. Piper By Emma Chichester Clark

Okay, so I'll admit that this book was more for me than Harry. I think he'll appreciate it more when he's older but I had to get it when I saw it for 50p. The story is about a puppy called Piper who is brought up by his mother to be good and kind to others. He is sold to a cruel owner and the tale follows Piper as he sticks up for what he believes is right.

That's it guys, our 5 current favourite baby books.

Let me know any of your recommendations in the comments :)



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