Harry's 5 Month Update

Let's pretend I found the time to write a 4 month update and head straight on into Harry's 5 month baby update!

Weight? Harry's 17lb and looks nothing like the newborn he once was. He has a proper little boy's face and in my mind weighs an absolute ton. And they only get bigger. Walks in the sling together have gone out the window as of last week. The next-day paralysis is just not productive. Carrying him around the house is hard enough. Does your strength build as they get heavier? I really hope so.

Feeding? The biggest development since last time I posted is definitely feeding. At around three months Harry started drooling like crazy, especially around our dinner time. We used to joke that he was going wild because he could smell our food but I really think it was that. Although 6 months is the recommended age to start weaning your baby, I firmly believe that only you know when the time is right. Harry was double his birth weight when we started and to begin with he only tried a teaspoon of baby porridge and some squashed up banana here and there. Now he eats three meals a day alongside breast milk which I still give on demand. I will write a more detailed 'feeding update' post because there is so much to talk about on the subject so be sure to check back in for that soon of you're interested.

Baby groups? Okay so I still haven't been to an official 'baby group' - I really struggle to find time to get out first thing in the morning but we have been swimming! And he loved it. We went to a leisure centre with a heated children's pool and Harry thought it was amazing. We opted for a casual public swim rather than organised slots as it suits mine and Ed's (highly disorganised and socially intimidated) personalities...

Sleeping through the night? Holy shit. Harry sleeps through the night 90% of the time. Gone are nights of waking up before 5am as talked about in our 2 Month Update post. He goes down at 8pm or there about and sleeps through to 7am. I still can't quite believe it. Don't get me wrong though, if you mess with the routine by, oh I don't know, doing something extreme like daring to have an overnight stay at nana's, there will be repercussions, but at home we're good. I have to say I think this is down to his transition onto solid food and feeling satiated all night long. 

Clothing Size? Harry's into his 6-9 month gear but fits some 9-12 depending on the brand. To be honest if I'm buying anything new now I tend to size up and roll up. A few weeks of rolled sleeves and ankles are worth seeing him in the stuff longer than five minutes and it just makes sense financially. Speaking of which, check out my 8 Money Saving Tips post if you're looking for other ways to prepare for a baby on a budget. 

New Abilities/Developments? Bah, tummy time is the bane of our lives. He hates it. Literally shouts his head off till you turn him back over so no solo rolling or crawling. Sitting on his own is one of the things we're into practising at the minute, oh and growling. Harry can growl pretty well.

Nicknames? Still BubbyRoo with abbreviated versions in the form of Broo and Bruge. My mum has taken to calling him Hareesh which has also taken off and I'm sure shall invite further alternatives to actually calling him by his actual name...

My Recovery
Ah, postpartum hair loss. That struggle is real. I am still losing hair and have had to lop off a good couple of inches of split ends to prevent myself from looking essentially bald. I can't attribute all of my shedding to having a baby given that it's colour treated and heat abused but never in my life have I lost so much for such a long period of time. As my recovery continues I'll make sure to write a more extensive post about this in the future which will include some of the things I've had to try in order to improve my hair's volume and condition. Love to all out there losing hair for any reason. It's bloody shit.

See you next month for more updates!



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