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As I mentioned in my last post, our family holiday is coming up and I've been compiling a Barcelona Bucket List filled with the family friendly things we plan to do whilst we're away. If you saw my 10 Tips for Flying with a Toddler post you'll know that we went to Vienna, Austria on our first ever family holiday last year. After drafting up a bucket list for that trip, I wanted to do the same this time as having some knowledge of what a city has to offer families of small children is a must in my opinion. We're going for 7 days, so we need plenty to see and do so here's hoping we check off a fair few of things on this list.

This is our Barcelona Bucket List (Family Edition 2017). See what you think.

Ed and I have been before, we know it's wild busy but we took on the Vienna Naschmarkt with a toddler and a pram so we know it can be done. La Boqueria Market is such an amazing, colourful and inspiring place we'll definitely be taking Harry to sample some of the things it has to offer. 

Definitely a day time activity as it can become a little more seedy at night but as the most famous street in Barcelona La Ramblas is a must for any Barcelona bucket list. From the architecture to the street performers I know there's lots to see and it doesn't take too long to walk to Port Vell at the bottom. 
**NB Mugging is rife in every major city but Barcelona and La Ramblas in particular has a pretty bad reputation for it so it makes sense to us to be extra cautious, especially with the distraction of a toddler. 

I didn't even know this existed the last time we went. One of the major works of Gaudi in the city I can't believe we didn't visit when we were child-free. From what I understand it get's pretty busy and can be hard to navigate with a pushchair but we like a challenge and figure it's something we'd all love to experience.

Last year Harry was pretty chill and happy to cruise along in his pushchair whilst Ed and I took a look around some of Vienna's many galleries. This time I'm confident in saying that this museum will have to be reserved for when he's fallen asleep so not that family friendly..but..we saw a fair bit of Picasso's work in Austria and would love to learn more about his life and work here. 

Of course we want to visit a beach when we're in Barcelona (probably more than once). As we only spent two days in the city last time, we didn't make it to the actual sands of any beach so I'm quite positive we'll be ticking this one off the list this time.

If memory serves me correctly I don't think this is all that cheap. But, walking endless miles with a toddler is not exactly a parent's dream scenario. Harry loves busses and I think it would pretty much blow his mind to ride in an open top one so it's win win- get to see the city sights and entertain a machine obsessed child at the same time. 

Okay, this place looks amazing. Apparently it's an interactive indoor play area full of bright colours and exciting things to do for little ones. From the website it looks pretty cool and like the perfect way to escape the rain or the midday sun with a toddler.

This is another indoor play area. It's meant to be like a den or lair for little ones and again, it looks so cool. Theres also a stage where they put on small plays and a cafe for the adults as well. 

Pretty much an icon of the Barcelona skyline, it'd pretty much be rude not to visit La Sagrada Familia. Another of Gaudi's creations (though from what I understand it didn't start out that way) this has to be on the list.

I think this is a piece of reclaimed public space converted into an outdoor swimming pool and park area with sand that is suitable for all ages. It looks pretty quirky (how can there be a beach in the middle of a neighborhood?) and on that basis we're probably going to have to check it out.

Alongside Park Guel, there seems to be a lot happening in Gracia. Food, culture, history we'll definitely spend a whole day exploring here. 

It's literally ice cream with eyes. ICE CREAM WITH EYES. I'm sold.

A green space in the city complete with city zoo, museums, sculptures, lake and row boats to rent (pass on that accident waiting to happen) but really though it also has a waterfall?!? Sounds like a great alternative to the beach with lots to see and do all in one place.

Barcelona's science museum is said to be the biggest of it's kind in Europe. Apparently it's great for kids of all ages and pretty interactive as well so not gonna lie I'm quite looking forward to the prospect of a day out here. 

Harry has never been to an aquarium before but he loves sharks. This place has a huge glass tunnel that walks you directly underneath a shark infested tank so that just sounds like his dream come true. It's definitely on the list.

Another museum, this time natural history. Museu Blau hosts various exhibitions including one on Spinosaurus whilst were there (dinosaurs+toddler=entertainment for hours). It also houses a massive botanical garden meaning there's lots to do inside and out.

After visiting a city with no beaches last year, we spent a fair few hours in parks where Harry could kick a ball, run around and explore. This park has a kids play area, walks, sculptures and poetry dotted around it so we figured it would probably be pretty nice to visit.

This place reminds me of something out of Alice and Wonderland, and obviously there's cake so...

This park has some absolutely crazy blue sculptures protruding out of the landscape and it's close to where we are staying so even if it's just a case of passing through I'm pretty excited to see what this place is all about. Also, parks are free spaces so you don't have to splash the cash on huge expensive days out to have a good time.

A vintage amusement park on the top of a massive hill with panoramic views of Barcelona- pack the reigns, as long as there's a bus to the top we're there. 

Has anyone else spent time in Barcelona with small children? Let me know what you think of this list and if there are any things I should consider adding (or taking off) before we go. Make sure to look out for more family holiday prep posts coming soon :)

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