Harry's 3 Month Update

He's no longer a newborn.  It's been 13 weeks and Harry is officially an infant. I am the mother of an infant child...shit.

For this post and all future update entries I'm dropping the weekly format I've used previously because Harry's changes seem to happen less rapidly than they did in his early few weeks of life. 

I'm keeping the 'My Recovery' section for now though mainly because my hair is still falling out and therefore I class this occurrence as definitely not 'back to normal'. Plus I want to keep track of how things have gone down as accurately as possible, like, for future reference and that. Hope you like the new format anyway. It's a bit like my pregnancy update posts.

Right, let's start.

Weight? As of 11 weeks old, butt naked and by the health visitor's reliable scales Harry weighed 13lb. Last week I improvised weighing him on the bathroom scales and he weighed 14lb. Either way he's out of size 2 nappies and into 3's. Bummer, you get way less in a pack for the same amount of money. 

Feeding? I'm still exclusively breast feeding Harry and enjoying every second of being able to eat a few extra cakes here and there with absolutely no consequences on the numbers on my own scales. What an absolute DREAM. It is difficult having sole responsibility for feeding at times though. Just now and then it would be nice to nip out for a couple of hours without worrying about the bub waking up and being without food. I used to express in the beginning, but recently I really can't be bothered with the faff and the mess of it all. All told, I'd take sole feeding responsibilities over the effort it takes to express, at the minute.
Baby groups? I'm borderline socially hostile so no baby groups yet. I promise to change this by the next update. I know this is unacceptable parenting behaviour.

Sleeping through the night? When he's game, Harry can sleep 7 hours from 10pm - 5am. When he's not, he'll wake up 2-3 times in the night. As I mentioned in our 2 Month Update post, when he wakes before 5am, I offer a dummy rather than a feed in the hope that it's just comfort he's after and as a means to teach him that milk isn't always going to be offered straight away during the night. Obviously if he cries I feed him but usually the dummy does the trick. He is unpredictable though and I wouldn't class him as a 'good sleeper'. People always ask, 'is he a good sleeper'? No, no he's not, god dam it.

Clothing Size? He's busting out of his 0-3 clothes and hitting the 3-6 and 4-6 month gear. Now we've left the small stuff behind I'm left with so much sorting to do. Rotating baby clothes is a full time job, and honestly, it makes you realise that it's not really worth spending much on little clothes. Charity shop steals are a better way forward. Most of Harry's things that aren't second hand already have literally been worn twice.

New Abilities/Developments? He's trying to roll which is pretty cool as I didn't really know that rolling was even a phase of development. Don't ask me how I thought they got on their fronts to crawl, I sort of envisioned it happening all in a one-er. He also seems to drool now. Like there's lots of it. Why do they go from no drool to so much drool so quickly? And what is the drool for? Are there teeth coming, I don't know??

Nicknames? Primarily BubbyRoo, although derivatives include BabaRoo, BabaGanoosh, and Babooshka...

My Recovery
As I mentioned above, hair loss is still happening and doesn't seem to be slowing down any. When does it end? Can anyone tell me? It's pretty much the last postpartum symptom I have left to report but it feels like it will never stop. Please tell me it does. I don't want to be left with 4 strands of hair. 


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