10 Things My Boyfriend Has Googled Since I Gave Birth

1. When can my baby wear clothes?

Ed thought babies just wore blankets for the first few months like Jesus did.

2. 'Ridiculous Baby Outfits'

Having discovered that they can wear clothes, every new dad inevitably must ensure their babies have a wide range of novelty outfits and accessories to fashion, apparently. Superman, Batman, Tuxedo baby grows you name it, we probably have it.

3. When can I have sex with my girlfriend again?

When your post-partum recovery feels like it might last an eternity to them.

4. When will I be able to sleep again?

As if they even do half of the waking/feeding that you do...

5. When will my girlfriend stop being a hormonal psychopath?

I mean I wouldn't mind knowing the answer to this myself to be fair.

6. When can we potty train the baby?

When nappy changing gets old... 2 weeks in. 

7. Why don't babies drink regular cows milk?

I feel this is a valid question...I didn't google it myself but what even is formula and why is normal milk any different?

8. Can I use my breast milk in my tea?

... oh god.

9. What is wrong with me? Do I Have Post Natal Depression?

When you suggest skin to skin between your partner and your baby but they don't know how they feel about it then worry that they're not bonding properly.

10.Can I have sex with my girlfriend yet?



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